DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center


AvMC is the Army’s focal point for providing research, development, and engineering technology and services for aviation and missile platforms across the life cycle.

AvMC has a long history of providing unparalleled service to its aviation and missile customers, while always striving to provide the greatest service to its ultimate customer – the Warfighter – by providing technology and weapon system solutions to ensure victory on the battlefield.

AvMC’s mission is to “deliver collaborative and innovative aviation and missile capabilities for responsive and cost-effective research, development, and life cycle engineering solutions” to equip the Warfighter with the best technology today and tomorrow.

To the employees, the mission statement means focusing on meeting both current and future life cycle needs in support of America’s Warfighter. The 11,000+ talented and technically-proficient government and contract employees have built a reputation for finding creative solutions, rapidly transitioning technologies, and providing synergistic expertise to customers and stakeholders. The Warfighter, program executive offices, program managers, numerous Department of Defense and other federal agencies, as well as academia and industrial researchers, seek our science and technology expertise, which is characterized by hardworking, talented personnel, and unique test bed capabilities.

The macro impact of the mission statement is that AvMC is a valued partner for the Warfighter by rapidly providing technology, critical materiel, analyses, and system support for the entire life cycle. Multiple missile systems, aviation and unmanned platforms, as well as other major weapon systems are supported by the center.

Our overarching goal, to provide the Warfighter with materiel and technology that will enable swift and decisive victory through technological superiority, has built a shared sense of purpose and focuses management and employees on rapidly providing the technology needed to achieve AvMC’s vision.

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DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center Public and Congressional Affairs Office

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DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center
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